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Brütal Legend Postmortem—well, part of it.

I can’t afford a subscription to Game Developer Magazine, so I read partial articles on Gamasutra.  It’s still very enjoyable: Here

BioWare on Dropping Violence from Games

In a recent interview with the BioWare founders, GameIndustry.biz discussed with them the maturing of the videogame industry.  Is there a possibility that as videogames mature, violence will be seen less.

That is not to say that violence will completely be dropped from games, but that games will use violence less and less as a way to attract crowds.  Most of us don’t remember the original MK for being a solid fighter.  It was about being able to rip your opponent’s head off.

The same goes for the original GTA series (although, I always found myself having more fun with those).  The first few games in the franchise were top-down views, and had no story whatsoever.  Yet somehow, they got us playing.

Even today, a lot of the people who enjoy Grand Theft Auto enjoy it because it lets them blow things up and shoot people.  I guess that’s fine, but it’s never been enough to keep me entertained for more than an hour.  Don’t even get me started on the missions.

What do you think?

You can also check out the interview here.

New Burnout Paradise DLC Rewards Good Players with Fancy Car

The latest Burnout Paradise DLC will give players who complete all of the game’s challenges a special P12 with an exclusive paint job.

According to 1up.com clearing those challenges means everything: every challenge from the orginal game, Cagney update, Bikes pack and Big Surf Island.

Joystiq Via 1up

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Video From GameTrailers.com

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New Rock Band Wii Tracks


Deep Purple “Space Truckin’”

George Thorogood “Bad to the Bone”

Harvey Danger “Cream and Bastards Rise”

In This Moment “Forever”

Lacuna Coil “Closer”

Lacuna Coil “Swamped”

Mission of Burma “Mica”

Mission of Burma “That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate”

Mission of Burma “That’s When I Reach for My Revolver”

The Offspring “Gone Away”

The Offspring “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)”

Panic at the Disco “She’s a Handsome Woman”

Pearl Jam “Brother”

Pearl Jam “Alive (Live: Drop in the Park)”

Pearl Jam “State of Love and Trust (Live: Drop in the Park)”

Snow Patrol “Take Back the City”

Full press release below.

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