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One Bored Gamer Remembers The Aughts: Part 1

Happy New Year everyone! We’re finally back from our holiday fun of making silly Youtube videos of me whistling Christmas tunes. Let me first say that my New Year’s resolution this year is to make sure things are erased off a flip camera, so that they won’t be later posted by a friend for the world to see. Other than that we both had a wonderful holiday season of doing absolutely nothing.

Now looking around the highways and byways of the internet, we see a bunch of gaming sites going into the way back machine, reminiscing about the past 10 years. The so called “Aughts.” And we here at One Bored Gamer Blog, being the geeky losers that we are, must jump on this bandwagon too.

So through out this week and perhaps continuing all month long, we’ll be bouncing around fond video game memories of the last decade. The highs and lows; the important and the nonsensical. So let’s get started.

Microsoft’s Xbox Launches In New York

The year is 2001. After the horrific tragedy that was 9/11, there was Bill Gates, richest man in the world and head of one the most successful software manufacturers, standing in front of a Toys “R” Us at New York City’s Times Square. He greeted eagerly awaiting gamers that stood in line for many hours in the cold November weather for Microsoft’s first bold attempt at the console gaming market, the original Xbox.

Say what you will about the software giant and it’s practices, but if it is one thing they know how to do is kick the competitions’ ass. It didn’t come without a huge price at first though, as Microsoft lost at lot of money with-in the first few years of business. But they’ve since taken a big chunk of the gaming market and built a successful platform with over millions and millions of users today.

Images provided by GameSpot.

RUMOR: Xbox 360 and PS3 Price Cuts May be Coming this Fall

Ars Technica’s Mole is hinting at some console price cuts. For both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

The Mole has been right, no idea how many times he/she has been wrong though. It the source is correct, the drop will happen, for both consoles, by this fall.

If the Mole is right, Sony is bundling the PS3 80GB models with games and trying to phase it out, to make room for something else. A PS3 slim? Maybe.

It is also said that the Xbox 360 will be changing a bit. The Pro version will replaced by the Elite, which will become the standard model, and a new bundle will come to replace the Elite. That is, if any of this is to be believed.

Ars Technica via Kotaku

Tech Demo of Streaming Tech in Development From Microsoft

Major Nelson posted a link on twitter today showing off a tech demo of something Microsoft is developing for streaming video.

majornelson Cool Tech demo of some of the streaming tech we’re developing at MS. (Silverlight required) Emulate network conditions:  http://tr.im/pSfQ

Here is an excerpt from the linked site:

Experience Smooth Streaming

The Silverlight browser plug-in allows you to see Smooth Streaming in action on this page. (If Silverlight is not installed, please install it when prompted.) If the Internet bandwidth and video rendering capability on your playback device are sufficiently high, you’ll experience high-definition video playback of the sample content. You will also be able to simulate end user experiences under varying conditions by simulating drops and recoveries in bandwidth. If your actual bandwidth is below 3 Mbps, or your playback device is video-challenged, then you will experience the adaptive nature of Smooth Streaming without needing to simulate a bandwidth cap.

My guess is that this is the tech (or similar) that will be incorporated into Xbox LIVE’s 1080p streaming feature.

Where Do Xbox 360s Go When They Die?

Where does your Red Ringed Xbox 360 go?

Well, if you are one of those gamers who likes to fix their system without voiding their warranty, it goes here:


Repair Center

5700 S International Parkway Door 18

Mcallen TX 78503


What would I see? Rows and rows of Xbox 360s lined up in an assembly line with a bunch of people in cool white suits cracking them open in an assembly line?

The truth of it was not nearly that cool.  The journey was a bit of a letdown in the end.  I wasn’t allowed past the security desk, but I was able to ask some questions.  It turns out that the place where Xboxes go is nothing more than a distribution center about five miles from the Texas/Mexico border (the Rio Grande River).

Your Microsoft consoles go here, and are then shipped somewhere in Mexico.  I also recently found out that this is where your Seagate hard drives go, whether or not those are shipped to the same repair facility from here I don’t know.

Jabil website here: Jabil.com

Here is a map. It’s right on the border.

Master Chief’s High School Senior Photos

They grow so fast…don’t they?

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