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Dark Void Zero Trailer

It’s 8-Bit:

One Bored Gamer Vlog Ep. 8 – Spelling Nintendo

The Nintendo Download for Monday, June 29, 2009

Water Wafware
Reel Fishing Challenge
Silver Star Reversi

Virtual Console
Fantasy Zone™ II: The Tears of Opa-Opa

Nintendo DSiWare
Sudoku Master

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Korg DS-10 Plus in the Works

GoNintendo reports on an updated version of the Korg DS-10.  No word on whether or not it will be localized.

Story from GoNintendo.


This is a note to anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog.

One of the most amazing pieces of DS software available today is a little gem called Retro Game Challenge.  It has a sequel, but it may never make it down here. :(


Siliconera: So about Retro Game Challenge 2…

Ken Berry, Director of Publishing: It looks very unlikely that we will localize and bring it.

We’ve gotten tons of e-mails from fans that say ‘thank you so much!’, ‘we love Retro Game Challenge’, ‘it’s my favorite DS game of all time’, but when you look at the sales numbers that actually picked it up and really being vocal about it, it’s pretty small compared to the other DS owners out there. The sales aren’t quite there to justify bringing the sequel.

JI: Fortunately, we got that title, but honestly it has not reached our expectations sales wise. It’s tough to bring the game over. If the sales of Game Center CX 1 dramatically increase we will of course consider it. It’s up to you guys.

S: OK! Tell my readers how many more copies need to be sold.

JI: We have to reach 100,000.

Full interview here: Siliconera via GoNintendo