What’s That Game?! – Aug. 31, 2010

Oh how I love my game shows. If there’s a giant spinning wheel, a showcase showdown, or a scenario where I have to avoid “Whammies” to win big bucks, I am so in like flint. And while I don’t have the means to acquire all those wonderful game-show set pieces, this tiny quiz of whos-who will do just dandy.

The premise is simple, caveman simple; guess these three games only by their screen shots! So get those brains of yours in first gear, and let’s begin.

What’s That Game?!

A) Beginner

B) Normal

C) Hard mode!

Click and scroll down for the answers!

Now ladies and gentlemen, the answers for today’s show! The first game was easy as cherry pie àla mode. It was 1981’s Galaga by Japanese developer Namco. Go ahead and give your self 100 hundred points for answering that!

The second was a little tougher, but not extremely hard unless somehow you’ve been avoiding the internet for more than ten years. From Fumito Ueda and Kenji Kido of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, it’s 2001’s Ico.

If you got that right, then double dip for 200 points, oh and plus a bonus 100 if you have the game for the PlayStation 2.

Now for our last entry, which honestly is a downright what-the-heck-is-this gem of a game. You really had to be a devoted PlayStation One collector, or a fan anything Resident Evil looking in order to remember this game. So for 300 points, what game is it? Why it’s Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn from the year 2000.

Covert Ops is a PlayStation One third-person-shooter game, set aboard a terrorist abducted high-speed-rail train. Playing the lead role as a lone NATO lieutenant solider, it’s up to you to take down the bad guys and save the world from nuclear disaster.

Sounds like a 1990’s movie plot staring either Steven Seagal or Claude Van Damme, which is always an awesome plot device for any action game.

The game play itself is middle of the road, and as I passingly mentioned above, plays all too much like Resident Evil; right down combining items, shooting like a tank, and collecting colored keys to open doors. Although one amusing difference between the two, is that in Covert Ops, you saved your progress at toilets, instead of typewriters.

I wonder if that’s where No More Heroes got that same idea…

Well now let’s add up our collective scores! The player with the most number of points wins a fabulous prize! Absolutely nothing!

What did you honestly think I had a real prize to give away. (Cause no I didn’t.)

Well that’s all for this time, hope you enjoyed this little game of ours, and I’ll see you next time on: What’s That Game?!

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