Sunday Musing – Does Miyamoto Ever Get Angry?

Shigeru Miyamoto (who we affectionately call “Shiggy” at the One Bored Gamer offices) is the international face of Nintendo. A smiling good-natured man, from the land of the rising sun, that has created Mario, Zelda, and an iconic list of other characters. But does Miyamoto ever get angry?

From interviews and public appearances, Miyamoto always seems to carry this  persona of a nice guy making fun video games, without ever an angry outburst or a fastball-cellphone pitch to a bumbling assistant.

Even during the Nintendo Press Conference at this years E3, when his on-stage demo for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword ran into technical difficulties, he stayed cooler than a cucumber, and even threw out a self-deprecating joke.

Though he did seem a bit displeased at this Microsoft Kinect demo…

Maybe that’s his thinking face?

It’s hard to imagine someone like Miyamoto having a fierce ire, and further, shocking if he ever expressed it so rudely. It would be like finding out that Mister Rogers sold crack on the side to school children, and hit poor defenseless hookers that didn’t cough up his money. (Geeze, where does my imagination get these ideas?)

But then he is human, and all humans express a rainbow of emotions – even anger. There have been rumors floating around the web about some of these outbursts. Something about upending a tea-table during his development time with Retro Studios as they made Metriod Prime.

Though, I’m pretty sure in such a stressful and demanding period, that being the game development process, anyone would get mighty upset. I’d probably through a tea-table too. (Probably not, I hear tea sets can be expensive. And what if it’s your grandma’s set, she’ll never forgive you. Not a good situation at all. No siree bob.)

To that, I would think that Miyamoto is in charge of a large number of Nintendo staff, so really, having to show dissatisfaction at someones’ sub-par work is a common occurrence. Heck, not just for him, but for anyone in a high management position.

So yeah, Miyamoto does get angry sometimes, and that’s a good thing too. If all he did was keep it in, we’d probably get some disastrous games, and who the heck wants that. The terrorists, that’s who!

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