Hello. And Welcome! And Goodbye!

Hello internet stranger, or possible future employer who is the best person in the world! I’m Bernie Mota, a freelance writer and your guide here at One Bored Gamer — the Internets’ one stop place for absolutely nothing.

The truth is you see, me and a friend started this blog as a way to vent our feelings about working up the games journalist ladder or just a general brain drain blog about anything that caught our fancy that day. But now, sadly, we’ve pretty much both moved on.

Not with writing mind you. Oh we’re still doing that (regrettably maybe.) It’s just due to time constraints — life and all that jazz — we hardly have the appropriate space in our lives to contribute here. Bummer, I know. Don’t be glum as chum though, pals.

As long as this WordPress blog site exists, it will serve as a time stamp in our young careers in this day-to-day adventure we call life. Something we’ll always hold dear and look back on fondly. And so should you!(Also we might come back because we’re just that lame.)

If you want to continue along with our journey, you can find Jacob at BYTE, being the Senior Editor of their games portal (way to go!,) and as for me, I’m currently contributing to two websites, Wiinoob and PS3Maven. Of course there are our Twitters you can check out on a whim too.

For now though, I bid you a fond farewell… even though I’m not going anywhere… and it kinda silly to say all this stuff… umm… yeah…

Okay I love you goodbye!

Bernie Mota

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