Hello. And Welcome! And Goodbye!

Hello internet stranger, or possible future employer who is the best person in the world! I’m Bernie Mota, a freelance writer and your guide here at One Bored Gamer — the Internets’ one stop place for absolutely nothing.

The truth is you see, me and a friend started this blog as a way to vent our feelings about working up the games journalist ladder or just a general brain drain blog about anything that caught our fancy that day. But now, sadly, we’ve pretty much both moved on.

Not with writing mind you. Oh we’re still doing that (regrettably maybe.) It’s just due to time constraints — life and all that jazz — we hardly have the appropriate space in our lives to contribute here. Bummer, I know. Don’t be glum as chum though, pals.

As long as this WordPress blog site exists, it will serve as a time stamp in our young careers in this day-to-day adventure we call life. Something we’ll always hold dear and look back on fondly. And so should you!(Also we might come back because we’re just that lame.)

If you want to continue along with our journey, you can find Jacob at BYTE, being the Senior Editor of their games portal (way to go!,) and as for me, I’m currently contributing to two websites, Wiinoob and PS3Maven. Of course there are our Twitters you can check out on a whim too.

For now though, I bid you a fond farewell… even though I’m not going anywhere… and it kinda silly to say all this stuff… umm… yeah…

Okay I love you goodbye!

Bernie Mota

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception On Nov. 11, 2011

Good things come in threes. And in late 2011, you’ll know full well that saying, and shout in joy, because everyone’s favorite treasure-seeking hero is readying for a new adventure with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Days ago Entertainment Weekly interrupted their daily fascination with Glee and Dancing with the Stars to get the exclusive scoop about Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the next game in the blockbuster PlayStation 3 exclusive action-adventure series.

Following that breaking story there has been a media blitz of what will be in store for that wise-cracking protagonist Nathan Drake and his “I’m too old for this…” mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan. And oh, I do hope they wear something light, because I’m guessing heat will surely be an issue.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will both have Drake and Sully searching the Arabian Peninsula and the Rub’ al Khali Desert for a legendary lost city, the Iram of the Pillars. Plus for that extra bit of Middle Eastern seasoning, the central plot is lifted from the archeologist days of a young Lawrence of Arabia.

Now partly one of the main draws to the Uncharted series is the realistic environments which truly captures an authentic cinematic flare. It’s the reason why any non-gaming interested person, who’s over at your house, pulls up a chair to watch you play any Uncharted game.

That’s where the purpose of the new desert local for Uncharted 3 serves – well two fold actually. One is looking beautiful, and the other is presenting a technical and creative challenge to the Naughty Dog development team. Natural elements like water, fire, and of course sand, are described as being super hard to make convincing using computer rendering.

It’s the kind of courage that I wouldn’t expect less from Naughty Dog, and have no great doubts about them not achieving if these screen shots are anything to go on.

Naughty Dog is also promising some interesting tweaks to the Uncharted 3 game play – such as the ability to fight several enemies at once, and enhanced backwards climbing. And what will make a lot of gamers flip, improved multiplayer and co-op features. Wait?! They can get better than they already are?!

November 1, 2011 is the date set for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, a year to get ready if you haven’t played the awesome that is Uncharted: 2. And if you have, then you might as well play this trailer over-and-over again, because it will probably be a while until we get any more juicy info.

Take A Game Break! – Solipskier

You work hard for your money! Uh-huh, uh-huh! So hard for it, honey! Uh-huh, uh-huh! You work hard for your money…  so why don’t you take a game break!

Oh yeah! Wednesday is here, and so am I for another game break. Aren’t you lucky!

September begins today, and soon the dark-dusky settings of Fall, and finally Winter, will be here. Time to then get out the heavy coats and mittens, stock up on hot cocoa packets, as the cold miserable depths of the later half of the year descends upon the Northern Hemisphere. Not a pleasant feeling at all.

But hey, not everything about Winter is truly bad. For lucky patrons living in mountainous areas, the fun of snow activities, such as skiing, can make the icy season vastly enjoyable. And by taking advantage of said inspiration, I decided to pick Solipskier as today’s game break — so strap on your ski goggles and let’s hit the slopes amigos!

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What’s That Game?! – Aug. 31, 2010

Oh how I love my game shows. If there’s a giant spinning wheel, a showcase showdown, or a scenario where I have to avoid “Whammies” to win big bucks, I am so in like flint. And while I don’t have the means to acquire all those wonderful game-show set pieces, this tiny quiz of whos-who will do just dandy.

The premise is simple, caveman simple; guess these three games only by their screen shots! So get those brains of yours in first gear, and let’s begin.

What’s That Game?!

A) Beginner

B) Normal

C) Hard mode!

Click and scroll down for the answers!

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Sunday Musing – Does Miyamoto Ever Get Angry?

Shigeru Miyamoto (who we affectionately call “Shiggy” at the One Bored Gamer offices) is the international face of Nintendo. A smiling good-natured man, from the land of the rising sun, that has created Mario, Zelda, and an iconic list of other characters. But does Miyamoto ever get angry?

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