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Do The Dew! With Solid Snake!

What’s better than a cold can of Mountain Dew and sitting back to enjoy your favorite stealth-action series Metal Gear Solid? How about a can of Mountain Dew featuring an awesome mug shot of that gritty box-loving hero Solid Snake.

It’s all thanks to a timely friendship by both Konami and the PepsiCo Japan branch, as cans of that citrus-flavored juice, which has so much sugar that you could probably pick up a mid-sized sedan after drinking one, will be promoting Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PlayStation Portable. The set of eight cans will individually be graced with a character photo from the game, and better yet, will also have a special code that you enter into Peace Walker to receive a Mountain Dew designed shirt as a secret item for your in-game inventory.

Now without being actually in Japan, the only other way to get your hands on a special edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Mountain Dew can is by ordering from an importer. JBox, and no, not that burger place with the Clown, is an online importer of many Japanese goods, mostly Anime related items and the like. There you can get your hands of a set of Mountain Dew cans, or how many you like, but hurry the cans are limited in number.

Mountain Dew featuring Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker [JBox]

Download the New MGS: Peace Walker Demo Here

at Big download: http://www.bigdownload.com/games/metal-gear-solid-peace-walker/pc/metal-gear-solid-peace-walker-psp-demo/

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Demo Hits PSN Today

If you are like me, you played the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo in Japanese and didn’t understand a thing. Well, lucky you! The demo, which features four different mission types is now available for download in English.

More info at GamePro.com

Kojima Will be “Deeply” Involved in Metal Gear Rising

In a chat with Japanese magazine Dengeki, Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima explained that he would be more deeply involved in Rising than previously let on to believe.

“I’ll be working more deeply on the project then a normal producer…It’s a completely different kind of action than what has appeared in the series so far.”

Kojima also said that he would be in charge of development of the PSP title, Peace Walker, because he felt that the game’s themes may be a bit of a challenge for his young development team to tackle.  That said, Kojima has full confidence in his team as developers, but felt that some of the history associated with the themes of the game may be difficult for them because of the generation gap.

“At first, I was just going to create the overall guidelines and concepts for the project, and leave it in the hands my excellent staff,” said the MGS creator, “I was going to have a hand in the project as a producer, and make titles other than MGS.”

“But, I set the game in the South American [sic] country of Costa Rica and created a story with themes about nuclear deterrence and The Cold War. It looked as if it might be very confusing to young people, because of generational differences. So, in the end I finally said, ‘I’ll do it.'”

Eurogamer via NeoGAF

Kojima’s Teaser Update. Brings us Big Boss!

Well, what do you know. I am still excited about the constant updates from the Kojima Productions teaser.

I may be one of the few out there who still cares, but the pre-E3 speculating is just so much fun!

Harder rain and another countdown. :)



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