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Will the PS3 Slim Happen Soon?

It seems that at this point, everyone is ready for Sony Computer Entertainment to announce the new slim line PS3.  I talked a few posts back about how I think Sony needs to do something to get back in the game.  Hopefully this is part of it.

According to the NPD numbers, SCEA has a long way to go before it catches up to its competition.  The good news for Sony is that there are still a lot of people out there who don’t have a PS3.  At a cool $250 or less. (Both of which I doubt they want to do seeing as how their handheld would then cost as much as their console–or more.)

I have some friends that are already a bit ticked off, saying that they hope it doesn’t cost less than the ones they bought.  I hope it costs MUCH less than the one I bought for $400.  I want it to cost half that much.  I have to look at the big picture.  What would it mean?  More PS3s in homes and more support! That means my investment may actually be worth something.

I’m just not sure Sony gets it right now.

More Not-so-Good News for the PS3

Man, I really love my PS3, but Sony just doesn’t seem to be having any kind of luck this generation. Resistance: Fall of Man (Yeah, that’s Resistance part 1) is right now the only Sony published PS3 game to have sold over 1 million in the US.  That’s according to NPD data, and while not totally accurate, it is the closest representation of sales we have.  It’s also, consequently, the only number that publishers and media here in the states tend to care about, so yes, it does matter.

Those numbers were calculated as of April of this year, so that means that the game is almost three years old (it was released November of 2006) and being a greatest hit (with the $30 price tag) for almost a year at this point.

I hope Sony has some major plans for their console…they need the support.

More here: Edge.

Sackboy’s Patriotic New Skin Just in Time for Independence Day

Thursday, July 2 will bring a cool little update to LittleBigPlanet.  This one will have a bit of patriotic flair.

Meet that Sacktue of Liberty:

It’s soo cute! Best of all, it’s totally FREE!

Media Molecule Blog Via 1up

More for the Rumor Bin: Nikkei Reports that Sony is Considering a Gaming Phone

In a report from Nikkei business daily, it is said that Sony will be putting together a team tasked with creating a new gaming phone that will go head-to-head with the iPhone.

The PSP phone, if built as rumored, will combine the PSP’s functions with those of Sony Ericsson phones and that development team could be together by as early as July.

Sony, of course, has declined to comment, and according to Edge, the ‘PSphone’ has been rumored on several occasions.

However, Edge did point out that last month that Sony Ericsson president Hideki Komiyama said that he would be interested in tapping Sony’s strength in the gaming market, and has gone on the record saying a PlayStation phone, “could happen,” adding that, “If we do not adapt to this new technology or new market environment, we’re going to lose.”

Story at Edge.

THQ Has Natal Dev Kits. Still Nothing from Sony’s Motion Controls

Looks like those Project Natal dev kits have been out for a while.  THQ has one, but they aren’t talking about what they are developing with it, and they shouldn’t.

However, THQ has not received kits for Sony’s motion control peripherals.

Check out the story at G4TV.com.