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Neves Plus Official Announcement

The game was release yesterday, but the press release is out today.

It gives you a bit of information on the game itself, so ya might wanna give it a read.

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Drill Sergeant Mindstrong Now Available on WiiWare

Drill Sergant Mindstrong is a WiiWare game published by XSEED.

Drill Sergeant Mindstrong is a party game for up to four players.   What other military style game lets ya tick off your a drill sergeant for ranks?

More info: www.drillsergeantmindstrong.com

Check out the press release after the jump.


Ming-Boggling Party Game Offers Challenging Brain Teasers for the Whole Family

Torrance, Calif., (June 22, 2009) – Game publisher XSEED Games announced today that Drill Sergeant Mindstrongis now available for download on WiiWare for 800 points. Drill Sergeant Mindstrong is a brain-stimulating party game for Wii that challenges your wit and requires quick thinking on your toes.

LINE UP FILTHY SLOWPOKES. Brain boot camp starts now! The Drill Sergeant will begin by assigning you difficult tasks that only the most intelligent troops can solve. Impress him by consecutively completing tasks and you can earn a combo bonus. However, boot camp is not always so rosy. For every incorrect answer, you will be docked points. Even some of the brightest muffinhead cadets can end the game with negative points.

After each round, Drill Sergeant will complete a task evaluation and assign each player a brain power rank. This rank is determined by how often you anger Drill Sergeant by giving the wrong answers, and the few times you actually get an answer right and gain points. Stay a lowly sugar plum private for the rest of your career, or use your brain power to rise up the ranks to Field Marshall.

But who am I kidding? There is no way a snot face, lamebrain, bed-wetting boot like yourself is smart enough to get past what Drill Sergeant Mindstrong has in store.

For more information on Drill Sergeant Mindstrong please visit:


More Info on Eduardo the Samurai Toaster

The following is from the press release:

Game info

With visuals drawn and scanned in from several different art mediums such as pen & ink, acrylic paint and charcoal, Eduardo sports an untraditional aesthetic design for a videogame. Jump, shoot, whip, drive, fly and throw your way through hordes of Peking Opera pastries, spear toting carrots, robotic mangos, and more. Play with friends as you learn to cooperate effectively, or be annoying by throwing each other around the screen and attacking one another.


– Drop in co-op play for up to four players.

– Ride scooters equipped with laser-blasters and fly around in rocket packs in single player or co-op.

– Use 5 different pastry pickups to upgrade your firepower.

– Battle enemies through 13 unique levels.

– Several different difficulty options to choose from, allowing players to pick their desired level of challenge.

Eduardo the Samurai Toaster has been Rated E for everyone by the ESRB.

Chronos Twins DX Announced

This is a rather short press release.  I don’t know much about this game aside from the fact that it’s a WiiWare title.

Since it is pretty short, I won’t add the jump.


EnjoyUp announces Chronos Twins DX, the first project entirely produced and published by EnjoyUp Games. This innovative adventure develops on WiiWare.

Chronos Twins DX offers an amazing space-time travel on which our tireless character Nec will find adventure, action, platforms and ingenious time puzzles. Do you dare to control Nec on two parallel times at the same time?. Coming soon on WiiWare


Edit: Screens Added


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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The Nintendo Download

Nintendo’s latest Wii Shop Channel updates. We get a tough toaster, Rainbow Islands and a few other games.  Hit the jump to read Nintendo’s full press release.   It’s lengthy.

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