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A Tribute to the Lovable Morris of Cloak and Dagger

Morris Shortly before his untimely death as depicted in the 1984 film, Cloak & Dagger

It’s been 25 long years and we still miss Morris, the lovable geek game store owner whose life was ended prematurely by some murderous thugs searching for a top-secret document hidden within an Atari game.

To me, he was more than an icon in geekdom, he was a fellow Texan. Setting up his shop at what is now known as Crossroads Mall in Balcones Heights (Located somewhere within San Antonio). Not far from where I once lived, actually.

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One Bored Gamer Vlog Ep. 5 – Realism in Games, When is it Too Much?

New Ghostbusters Game Has a Nod to the Original


This is kind of funny if you have seen the ending screen to one of the older Ghostbusters games ( I actually saw it on an episode of the Angry Videogame Nerd).


The new game pays tribute to that last screen, bad translation and all.  Check out the computer monitor in the screenshot:


From Kotaku

Image From Kotaku


Below, is the screen from the original game:


Image From Kotaku

Image From Kotaku


Check it out here: Kotaku

Phil Harrison Steps Down From Position as President of Atari

Phil Harrison is stepping down from his position as president of Atari, according to a report by Gamastutra.

Gamasutra reports that the company’s business operations will be shifting to the US, and Harrison will still be a part of Atari’s board of directors in, “a non-exectutive capacity assisting with the game maker’s strategy.”

This announcement came as Atari’s parent company, Infogrames announced a net loss of €226.1 million ($319.33 million) for their fiscal year.

The losses top last year’s €51.1 million ($72.17 million).

It was only last year when Phil jumped ship with Sony and hopped aboard with Infogrames.

A lot more information here: Gamasutra.