Ash Ketchum: Letters To An Absent Father

Usually Pokemon’s world of bright and cheerful decorations isn’t one to comment on the melancholy. In fact it avoids it completely, and rightfully so if you think about it. Why is a young child being sent out into the cold world to fend for himself with only a mutated chipmunk has he’s companion? What kind of parent would do such a thing to a kid?

I hate to imagine the mental psyche that such a poor kid has to be going through. Well imagine no longer, as artist Maré Odomo follows this logic in a set of cute short comics starring that Pokemon catching all-star Ash Ketchum. The concept for these comic strips is pretty self-explanatory once you see the tittle; Ash sending letters to his absent father. And while they seem lighthearted, and for the most part they are, there is a bit of an apparent depressing undertone going on throughout. Either way – I still enjoyed them.

If you want to see the rest of these charming comics, you can go to Maré Odomo’s Flickr site and see the rest there. You will certainly enjoy them. Also be sure to visit her main website where she has a lot of other awesome artwork to see too.


The Maré Odomo Website

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