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Fight Night Round 4 Arrives at Retail

Fight Night Round 4 is now available.  I have mentioned before that I am not a huge fan of sports games (i.e. Madden, soccer, etc.) Boxing, on the other hand, freakin’ rocks!

Who’s with me on that?

Press release after the jump.

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EA and Dr Pepper o Create Unrivaled Gaming Experience with Exclusive Premium Downloadable Content

Electronic Arts and Dr Pepper have just announced a marketing agreement that brings additional content to Dr Pepper drinkers through codes.

The press release says that Sims 3 will be the first game to receive the treatment.

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Fight Night Round 4 Freezing Problems

Fight Night Round 4 for the Xbox 360 is crashing at the loading screens according to Kotaku.

It seems that the problems may be related to custom soundtrack files or demo files on 360 owner’s hard drives.

EA support has offered a few solutions, but there was a similar problem with the game’s demo and some aren’t happy with it.

Check out the story at Kotaku.

EA support forums here.

BioWare and Mythic Form New RPG/MMO Group

According to the Warhammer Online official website, EA is restructuring its RPG and MMO games development group.

Section from site:

This newly formed team will be led by Ray Muzyka, co-founder and General Manager of BioWare. With this change, Ray becomes Group General Manager of the new  RPG/MMO studio group. BioWare’s other co-founder, Greg Zeschuk will become Group Creative Officer for the new RPG/MMO studio group. Rob Denton will step up as General Manager of Mythic and report to Ray. BioWare’s studios remain unchanged and continue to report to Ray.

Read the rest here: Warhammer Herald via N4G

EA Sports President Peter Moore Talks to Gamasutra About the Direction of Sports Games

EA Sports, as far as I know, is the most successful developer and publisher of sports videogames.

Who better to talk to about where they are headed than EA Sports’ president, Peter Moore?

Check out the interview here: Gamasutra