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One Bored Gamer Vlog Ep. 8 – Spelling Nintendo

Nintendo Has No Plans to Bring New Wii Colors Stateside. Supposedly.

GameDaily recently contacted a Nintendo rep about the possibility of the Wii with the brand-new black color scheme hitting the States.

The answer, is a no:

“no plans to have other colors of Wii in the U.S.”

There it is, straight from Nintendo.  It seems that some people are upset.  Of course, this statement means that there are currently “no plans,” that the rep knows of.  However, if we take a look at Nintendo’s history with their systems, it’s hard to imagine them not releasing at least one with a different look.

Even if Nintendo does have plans that their rep knows of, we all know that the big N is Notorious for being able to keep secrets from the gaming public.  They like to be the ones who announce their new stuff. Aside from that, they don’t want people who learn about the new color to sit and decide to wait while leaving the current model on store shelves.

The sales have slowed down quite a bit since launch, and although they do continue to sell more consoles than the other guys, they don’t like seeing those numbers drop.

Maybe they will announce it at their fall media summit.

More info here and here.

Wii Sports Resort is a Hit in Japan

Wii Sports Resort seems to be doing great in Japan.  The game has sold over 350,000 copies during its first four days in retail.

Hopefully, this is an indication of what may become of Wii Motion Plus.  Some reports say that the game’s release may have even had an effect on hardware sales, as those are up to 21,790 over last week’s 19,386.

Now, if only Nintendo would begin to create Wii Remotes with built-in Motion Plus tech. We’d be set.

Creating a Game is Like Pooping


According to Suda51, it is.

In a recent interview with Edge, the No More Heroes creator compared making the game to, yeah, pooping.

“It’s like taking a sh*t,” says Goichi Suda, Grasshopper Manafacture CEO, as he relaxes on his (office) seat. We blink first. “A lot of things influenced No More Heroes – things I saw, or heard, and something that came from inside. Something that needed to be eliminated from my body, like waste. That’s why I created No More Heroes.
Edge goes on to write about how his colleagues are smirking and his translator becomes hesitant. “…No More Heroes 2? New taking-a-sh*t.”

Well, designing a game must be a very relaxing process for him.

From GoNintendo.

Yes, I Am a Nintendo Fanboy

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