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New Mega Man 10 Trailer

Something more entertaining than me:

Korg DS-10 Plus in the Works

GoNintendo reports on an updated version of the Korg DS-10.  No word on whether or not it will be localized.

Story from GoNintendo.

Wow, SpongeBob is Ten Years Old. I Feel Ancient

THQ has just announced a new Spongebob game titled Spongebob’s Truth or Square. I am not even a huge fan of SpongeBob (give me the old Ren & Stimpy or Rocko!) but it is crazy to think that the show has been around for this long already. Oh well, hit the jump for the full press release from THQ.  It mentions every system but the PS3.  It’s very possible that I missed it, but I see Wii, DS, 360 and PSP. Continue reading