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Left 4 Dead Updates Coming Next Week

Silence, petition signers!

These are the L4D Updates coming next week.  The following is straight from Valve’s Left 4 Dead Blog.


Third party campaigns are designed to be installed using a new Add-On framework. Content authors will be able to package up their new maps, along with new posters, models, and textures, into a single .VPK file. 

Because Left 4 Dead is all about sharing, we’ve re-tooled Left 4 Dead’s matchmaking system to provide extensive support for custom add-on campaigns. When creating or searching for a lobby, a new option named “Add-on campaign” will let you select from among the add-on campaigns that you have installed.

-Authoring Tools
We’re also officially releasing the Authoring tools/SDK. Thanks to all who provided feedback during the open beta, the authoring tools have been updated with a few fixes and several new additions, including: 

  • The tutorial_standards map has been expanded into a minimal example campaign add-on called ‘Dead Line’
  • A new command line utility for creating and extracting from .VPK files
  • Source files for all the official campaign maps

Also, look for a new tutorial on how to package up your campaigns into add-ons on the Developer Community wiki.


L4D Blog Via Evil Avatar