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Super Mario Bros. 3 In An Awesomely Creative Animation

When I was a little kid I loved anything that required cutting paper, gluing pieces, shaking on glitter, and coloring crafts with crayons and markers. I remember once drawing this cute picture of a lighthouse and then making a frame decorated by seashells to go with it. That beautiful picture hanged on the fridge for quite some time until it unfortunately disappeared. Putting that aside, I just love seeing anything that attempts such a cool direction of art — including when it’s applied to video games.

Let me introduce smartkid82504, a Youtube user that made a fantastic video clip of Super Mario Brothers 3 out of cardboard, paper, glue, and colored pencils. It would be kinda great to see this type of animation used for a real game, but I highly doubt that the expense (creatively and financially) would be worth it.

I still think my lighthouse drawing with the seashells is better though. (Well not that much better.)

smartkid82504’s Youtube Channel [Youtube]