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Where Do Xbox 360s Go When They Die?

Where does your Red Ringed Xbox 360 go?

Well, if you are one of those gamers who likes to fix their system without voiding their warranty, it goes here:


Repair Center

5700 S International Parkway Door 18

Mcallen TX 78503


What would I see? Rows and rows of Xbox 360s lined up in an assembly line with a bunch of people in cool white suits cracking them open in an assembly line?

The truth of it was not nearly that cool.  The journey was a bit of a letdown in the end.  I wasn’t allowed past the security desk, but I was able to ask some questions.  It turns out that the place where Xboxes go is nothing more than a distribution center about five miles from the Texas/Mexico border (the Rio Grande River).

Your Microsoft consoles go here, and are then shipped somewhere in Mexico.  I also recently found out that this is where your Seagate hard drives go, whether or not those are shipped to the same repair facility from here I don’t know.

Jabil website here: Jabil.com

Here is a map. It’s right on the border.