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GameStop on Digital Distribution

Digital distribution.  It’s coming. Sooner or later this will be the standard. The question, really, is when.

GameStop is betting that it will not happen for a while, according to an article by Ars Technica.  Even if it does, GameStop feels that it can co-exist with our brick and mortar retailers.

Only time will tell, and I have quite a few friends who work in retail, so I would hate for them to all lose jobs in 10 years or so.

Check out the story here: Ars Technica

Hardware Sales in Japan Decline

Edge reports that while Nintendo’s platforms keep their top positions on the Japanese sales charts for the week ended May 17, the videogame hardware market as a whole saw a decline.

The DSi topped PSP sales by  5,500 units for the week, as compared to its 12,000 the week before.

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