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RUMOR: Metal Gear Solid Movie Poster Spotted

Ok.  This one can be totally fake for all we know, but supposed a leaked picture from the office of Sony Pictures in Culver City, CA shows what is said to be a poster for an upcoming Metal Gear Solid Movie.

Take it as you will.  If any of this is true, the movie stars (surprise!) Christian Bale and Daniel Craig and is set for a release July 2011.  Hideo Kojima’s name is even on the poster. 

Some of you may remember that Kojima himself recently confirmed a movie.  The question is, whether or not we should believe that this is a real poster.

If anything is in the works, there is no telling when it will be officially revealed.

Here is the pic:



From PS3Center.net

BioShock 2 (Maybe, but not “Officially”) Dated

In a conference call to discuss Take-Two’s Q2 financial results, CEO Ben Feder said that BioShock 2 will hit North America on November 3.

Europe will be getting it a few days before us, their release date is set for October 30.

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