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Fitness Games are Booming

An interesting article by Reuters reports on the state of fitness-based videogames: Wii Fit, EA Sports Active and other similar titles.

Here are a few snippets:

Videogames were once blamed for rising obesity rates but are now being championed by the medical industry and for use by government departments for their health benefits.

Games like Electronic Arts’ “EA Sports Active” and Nintendo’s “Wii Fit” have got players of all ages moving — and game developers and investors looking for hot new titles to cash in on this booming segment of the market.


“If you add up the 18 month sales of “Wii Fit” and the sales of “EA Sports Active,” Konami’s “Dance Dance Revolution” and other healthy games, the worldwide retail numbers are over $2 billion.”

Dr. Michael Levine, executive director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop which fosters innovation in children’s learning, has just released a report looking at how digital games can play a beneficial and educational role in health care.

Read the full article here: Reuters.

Analysts Do Not Believe That Natal Will be Bundled with New Xbox

Contrary to previous reports by some media outlets, Piers Harding-Rolls of Screen Digest, and Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan do not think that Microsoft will release an upgraded Xbox alongside the Project Natal motion sensor.

Edge reports that both analysts do see the possible launch of a new 360 SKU, with some added functionality and storage, they feel that the tech within the console will remain the same.

When Harding-Rolls talked to Edge, he said, “I believe the idea of an upgraded Xbox 360 that plays better looking and performing games is entirely speculative and unlikely at this stage.”

Pachter seemed to agree when he spoke with Edge, saying “We will see new SKUs often, with ever increasing hard drives, DVR functionality, probably Internet TV and HDTV tuners built in, but we won’t see anything that requires a retooling of software development. If they don’t change the CPU/GPU combination, it’s not a new console, it’s a new SKU. There have been five so far, and this reinforces the commitment to the current cycle. Changing the control scheme to a Natal scheme won’t be that complicated for most developers, but retooling for a faster CPU or higher resolution GPU could cost developers a lot of money and time.”

Both analysts also believe that Natal’s price point will be something not meant to put off the “mainstream” consumers, and possibly launch with a price range similar to the Wii Fit Balance Board.

Only time, and Microsoft, will tell us for sure.  Until then, expect the rumors and speculation to fly high!

I do not see 90 bucks, game included, as a terrible price for the tech.  In fact, it sounds pretty reasonable.  If it actually happens is another thing.

Read the full story here: Edge Online

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Iwata Talks Motion Controls on Rival Platforms

According to Edge Online, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata feels that Sony and Microsoft’s motion controls have come later than expected.

When speaking with the The Times, Iwata said, “To tell the truth, I expected them to come up with stuff like this last year. So in my mind they’re later than expected…I’d like to say to them, ‘Welcome to the motion control world!’

While Iwata seems impressed that motion control is becoming an industry standard, he mentioned that there is no knowing, yet, how much the rival console manufacturers will charge for their peripherals. Continue reading