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Konami Announces Metal Gear Announcements

If anyone knows how to announce an announcement, it’s the wonderful bunch over at Konami.  I don’t mind though,  I like having something to look forward to.

Read about at Kotaku.


Metal Gear Solid PeaceWalker Screens

Screens for the upcoming PSP game.

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Metal Gear Solid Arcade

Check out Metal Gear Arcade


It actually looks like something out of the game.   

Check out more over at Joystiq and IGN.

It Rains Harder at Kojima’s Teaser Site

Kojima’s teaser site has been updated. The rain is hitting much harder and the wind seems to have picked up.

A ninja (I really think it’s Grey Fox, but Kojima could just two new characters in there for the heck of it) pops up every so often along with Big Boss(Is it?):


The Kojima productions logo keeps fading in and out turning into a face.
Picture 1

Clicking on it takes you to one of those age-gated websites: Here

At the site:

Picture 3

Thanks to Tommy over at 411 for pointing this out.

Some Translations of Famitsu’s Kojima Interview

Over at PlayStation Insider, the translations are coming in full force.  Here is an excerpt from one of the translations:


Kojima: The symbol on the cap of the old man (he did not say Big Boss) will be important

Interviewer: This symbol is different from the fox, it looks like a world map

Kojima: No just the mark, but the system of the game will be new!

Note: Kojima uses “This old man” a lot through the interview rather than referring to Big Boss


Interviewer: It sounds interesting, but do you think people will understand it at all?

Kojima: I think people will understand



It is still a bit hard to totally make clear of what is happening, but go ahead and check it out here: Translations of Famitsu Interview Via PlayStation Insider