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Man, and I Thought the Behind the Bullet Trailer was Awesome. Here’s Some KZ3

Here’s a teaser trailer for the upcoming Killzone 3. I remember being blown away by the Behind the Bullet trailer for KZ2, but this looks even more awesome.

via http://www.allgamesbeta.info/

RUMOR: Killzone 3 in Development

I usually don’t give rumors much merit.  Especially when they are from a site I have never heard of, but you never know.  That is why I always make sure to mark these things as clearly as possible as rumor.

Anyway, the word is that a Killzone 3 game is in development.

If true, I am sure that the info will emerge from some credible sources in due time.  If not, we will probably hear that as well.

PS3 Hype Via N4G