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Take A Game Break! – Solipskier

You work hard for your money! Uh-huh, uh-huh! So hard for it, honey! Uh-huh, uh-huh! You work hard for your money…  so why don’t you take a game break!

Oh yeah! Wednesday is here, and so am I for another game break. Aren’t you lucky!

September begins today, and soon the dark-dusky settings of Fall, and finally Winter, will be here. Time to then get out the heavy coats and mittens, stock up on hot cocoa packets, as the cold miserable depths of the later half of the year descends upon the Northern Hemisphere. Not a pleasant feeling at all.

But hey, not everything about Winter is truly bad. For lucky patrons living in mountainous areas, the fun of snow activities, such as skiing, can make the icy season vastly enjoyable. And by taking advantage of said inspiration, I decided to pick Solipskier as today’s game break — so strap on your ski goggles and let’s hit the slopes amigos!

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OBG Random Rant of the Week: Gawker Nerd Rage

By now everyone has seen, or at least heard about, the email exchange between Apple boss Steve Jobs and Gawker’s Ryan Tate. As a fellow blogger trying to make a living writing for a handful of newspapers and websites, I’m embarrassed for the guy.

In a world where online media continues to strive to be taken as seriously as print journalism, we have the editor on one of the biggest blog networks on the internet dropping a few choice words and dealing some low blows to a tech company.

In first email to Jobs he mentions that the iPad isn’t a revolution (as Apple calls it) because “Revolutions are about freedom.”

Tate somehow believes that he is being oppressed. Somehow, his choice to buy a device that cost him anywhere from $500 to $829 is being beat down by the man. Tate seems to believe that Apple closes off their devices to Flash because, in his words, “Adobe tried to fuck” Apple in the late 90s. However, none of that is relevant here.

Tate is resorting to nothing more than schoolyard insults because he doesn’t like the way Jobs & co. are running their devices. I can understand that, but most people just jailbreak their device if they want to play by their own rules. Apple has been selling the iPhone since 2007; he already knows its restrictions. And it was made clear long before the iPad’s launch that the device would not run Flash. He wasn’t restricted of his freedoms; he made the decision not to use Flash on his iPad when he made the choice to buy it. The iPad, after all, isn’t a necessity. It’s just a hot gadget.

What’s worse is that Tate resorts to curse words and insults that border on personal attacks. Where’s the professionalism? Then again, Gawker’s CEO doesn’t seem to want his network to be labeled as journalism. Yet, somehow, they still want to hide behind shield laws. Can’t have it both ways.