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Nintendo Releasing Mario Playing Cards

It pretty easy to always just associate Nintendo with video games, seeing as they out-dominate the market so strongly, but for historians of the company, such as myself, we also remember their early beginnings as a playing card manufacturer. It’s a part of their business that has never been forgotten, and still continues today with the announcement of these wonderful Mario branded playing cards.

Being release this July, in Japan, these three sets of Mario playing cards will go on sale, and feature three unique graphical designs. The first set borrows the 8-bit motif from the classic Super Mario Bros. – personally my favorite out of the bunch, the second has a hand-drawn art style – very similar to Mario from his Super Mario Super Show days, and finally a set that represent his modern-day look from the Super Mario Galaxy games.

They’re great looking cards, and seeing as they are from Nintendo, they should be of good quality too.  Hopefully we might see these cards as a US’ Club Nintendo reward item soon in the future, so start saving those points!

Nintendo Releasing Three Sets of Playing Cards – [GoNintendo]

Inflatable Race Kart For Nintendo Wii

From the Internet to smart phones and those kick-ass shoes with the built-in wheelies, kids today have it so awesome. Of course typing this observation makes one soon sound like a crotchety old man, even as someone young as myself. Yet when you think about all the advantages our youthful counterparts have these days, it kinda makes you a bit jealous. And well, once I saw this inflatable race kart for the Nintendo Wii on Go Nintendo, I was back into crotchety-old-man mode. I’m sure later today I’ll be yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

Made by CTA Digital, a company that specializes in accessories for gaming and multimedia devices, has created this cool inflatable kart racer, for kids, with a working steering wheel that cradles the Wii Remote. The production of the inflatable kart was made in partnership with Kids Are Heroes, an organization that nicely supports kids doing remarkable feats to help make the world a better place. A cause any of us can get behind, for sure.

Overall, it’s pretty neat accessory, and one that I wish was available in adult sizes. Although, that kid in the picture seems to be my around my height… so perhaps there’s hope yet!

CTA Digital Announces Inflatable Race Kart For Wii – [GoNintendo]