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Bethesda and Splash Damage Announce New Game

Well, it’s not their Wii title. Brink is the long-since-announced collaboration between Bethesda and Splash Damage.

Not much is known about the game aside from a few minor details:
1) It’s for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.
2) It’s set to arrive spring 2010
3) It has a creepy bleeding dude’s eye.
4) The site is age-gated, so it will probably end up with an M-ratng.

Website here: Brink

Gamasutra article: Here

Hardware Sales in Japan Decline

Edge reports that while Nintendo’s platforms keep their top positions on the Japanese sales charts for the week ended May 17, the videogame hardware market as a whole saw a decline.

The DSi topped PSP sales by  5,500 units for the week, as compared to its 12,000 the week before.

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G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra Box Art

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