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Take A Game Break! – Solipskier

You work hard for your money! Uh-huh, uh-huh! So hard for it, honey! Uh-huh, uh-huh! You work hard for your money…  so why don’t you take a game break!

Oh yeah! Wednesday is here, and so am I for another game break. Aren’t you lucky!

September begins today, and soon the dark-dusky settings of Fall, and finally Winter, will be here. Time to then get out the heavy coats and mittens, stock up on hot cocoa packets, as the cold miserable depths of the later half of the year descends upon the Northern Hemisphere. Not a pleasant feeling at all.

But hey, not everything about Winter is truly bad. For lucky patrons living in mountainous areas, the fun of snow activities, such as skiing, can make the icy season vastly enjoyable. And by taking advantage of said inspiration, I decided to pick Solipskier as today’s game break — so strap on your ski goggles and let’s hit the slopes amigos!

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Take a Game Break! – Tower of Heaven

Working hard? or hardly working?! Haha – ah you crazy guy you! Regardless, I think it’s time to put down the pens and pencils, get away from whatever nail-biting deadline your boss has you on, and take a well-deserved game break.

Today’s featured game is a retro-doozy, and I mean it my friends. Know the almighty challenge that is Tower of Heaven.

As you can see from the above image, Tower of Heaven is a retro-styled flash game that has  some truly unique pixel art work. It looks very Game Boy-ish with its use of the monochrome color scheme, but obviously has tons more graphical depth than any pint-sized handheld could ever produce. (But I still love you Game Boy! *hugs*)

In Tower of Heaven, you take control of a lone traveler as he (I’m guessing) ascends… well… a tower, to find spiritual enlightenment. A tall atmospheric touching structure that has tons of punishing obstacles along its way to the top.

If that’s not a soul eater, you also have a vengeful god, sitting a top of the world, doing anything in his power to stop you, by placing rules that will kill you instantly if you break them. Also you have a set amount of time to beat each level in or you’ll die. 

Hooray for seeking out the secrets of the universe!

Yeah this game is difficult. Thought not a difficulty that seems brought on by bad design choice or crappy controls, quite the opposite. That department is solid as steel.

But again, be warned that side effects include: loss of work production, bouts of frustration, cursing profusely, punching walls, and in extreme cases throwing of electric equipment.

So why play Tower of Heaven then? I don’t think I know the full answer to that question for myself. Although, if I had to pin down a reasoning, it has to be its once-you-pop-you-can’t-stop Pringles’ addiction.

Just the mix of simple game play, pretty graphics, and kick-ass soundtrack… oh that’s it! The music! It’s chiptune awesomeness at it’s best. So if you must play this game, then play it for that reason alone.

Of course you could just by the soundtrack for a juicy $1, and save some of the trouble. But, come on, at that price you might as well play the game!

Askiisoft, the developer, set out to make a game, from what I figure, is a throw-back to those beautiful Japanese games, of a long ago, that not only had simple design but a crafty difficulty. Undoubtedly in my eyes, Tower of Heaven succeeds doing just that.

Tower of Heaven [Newgrounds]

Askiisoft Website

Tower of Heaven Soundtrack – [Bandcamp.com]

Super Mario Crossover Is A Retro Gamer’s Dream

As the name implies, Super Mario Crossover is a flash-based remix of the classic Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, that features not only Mario, but a few of his iconic 8-bit friends.

It’s practically the videogame equivalent of that Cartoon AllStars to the Rescue special from the early 90’s, without the heavy-handed anti-drugs message. Which, no disrespect to the overall message (Say no to drugs kids!), wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for all my favorite cartoons to be doing in my childhood-inspired dreams.

None the less, Super Mario Crossover is a successful blending of those favorite 8-bit games, albeit it in a straightforward package. Basically if you’ve played Super Mario Bros., well then there is really nothing to explain gameplay or structure wise. It’s all the same here, but the main difference is the character selection department. Besides good old Mario to control, you can select other classic protagonists from other retro games of that era.

You can also choose from Simon Belmont from Castlevaina, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Samus from Metroid, Mega Man, and Bill from Contra. All of them include their standard set of abilities worked perfectly into the game.

For example, in his standard form, Simon Belmont is equipped with his whip and axe special (which is mapped with an alternative button.) Receiving a power up though, mushroom or flower in this case, changes this up by now giving Simon his throwing cross that can pass through multiple goobas and return just like it’s usual Castlevania form.

The same formula works with each character as Mega Man gains his Mega Buster, or Bill gains his rapid-fire gun. It’s pretty fun just to mess around and experiment with each character’s unique ability and see how they work in Mario’s block-hitting and tube-jumping world.

A really fantastic touch which was incorporated in to the game’s presentation, was the individual theme songs that are played depending on which character is selected. I don’t think I could have imagined playing word 1-2 and having the tune to Metroid fit together so well, but take my word for it, it does.

I should also mention, that there have been other flash games that have done the crossover feature. But for some reason when you do a Mario one, the name seems to gain more attention, and deservedly so. It’s a well polished little game with lots of cool details packed in.

Recently the creator, Jay Pavlina, sat down with GameXplain to discuss Super Mario Bros. Crossover and some of the content that was left out- apparently quite a but. So I highly recommend taking a gander at that after you’re done fooling with the game on Newgrounds.

Super Mario Crossover – explodingRabbit [Newgrounds]

Super Mario Bros. Crossover Xplained: An Interview with the Creator [GameXplain]

Nickelodeon’s Addicting games Showdown Announced Top Online Games as Voted by the Public

Sadly, Monkey Go Happy was not one of the winners.  :(

Hit the jump to see the winners.

Also, don’t forget to check out Monkey Go Happy: HERE!! :)

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