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Flipnote Fighter

Being a loyal fan of fighting games, that niche action genre from the arcade age, I’ve always thought would could be a better playing experience. I love my kicks and punches fighting games all the same, but really what more can you do that would make me more pleased. Well that is unless I stared in a fighting game, but that would take a crazy Japanese DSiWare game to do that. Not going to happ.. wait… what? They’re doing that? Oh right.

Fight With Photos: Photo Fighter X

What is Fight With Photos: Photo Fighter X? Why it’s a DSiWare game for the Nintendo DSi that actually allows you to create your own fighting game of sorts; staring yourself and your friends. Yeah, it’s gonna be fun-on-a-bun.

By using the DSi’s built-in camera and microphone, you can take pictures of you and your friends in corresponding poses then record audio to have matching sound effects; all to make your very own brawler without having to take one game programing lesson.

The game allows up to eight characters, which you can make fit into certain fighting styles, along with customizable backgrounds and special effects. And if you already haven’t noticed in the pictures above, they can be just about anything. And I really mean anything. Don’t take my word for it, check out these videos of the game in action.

And while this might not be a worthy contender against the likes of Street Fighter or Tekken, it’s only 200 DSi points and a pretty cool use of the DSi’s functions. Though I’m not sure exactly how one is able to download something from the Japanese DSi Store if they live here in the United States; the game will be available on Wednesday. Hopefully a domestic release won’t be too far off. (Yes I know this is Nintendo we’re talking about here.)

Fight With Photos: Photo Fighter X [DSiWare Official Site]

Fight With Photos: Photo Fighter X

The Nintendo Download

Nintendo’s latest Wii Shop Channel updates. We get a tough toaster, Rainbow Islands and a few other games.  Hit the jump to read Nintendo’s full press release.   It’s lengthy.

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