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Sims 3 Piracy Rate Moving Faster Than Spore’s

Edge reports that the amount of users downloading The Sims 3 from torrent sites may surpass that of Spore’s.

EA’s PC title, which is set for a June 2 release in the US was leaked onto the torrent sites two weeks before launch, according to BigChampagne, a company that monitors file sharing, the game was downloaded at least 180,000 times between May 18 and 21.

It has been reported that those numbers outpace the 400,000 illegal downloads of Spore over three weeks. Spore ended up being illegally downloaded 1.7 million times during the last few months of 2008.

However, an EA spokesperson said, “the pirated version [of The Sims 3] is a buggy, pre-final build of the game… Half the world – an entire city – is missing from the pirated copy.”

According to one report, the estimated lost retail sales for Sims 3 at this point is around $9 million

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Demo Hits PSN Today

Capcom has just announced that Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite’s PSP demo is now available on the PlayStation Network.

For more info check out the PlayStation Blog.