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Resident Evil Director’s Cut Coming to PSN this Week

According to Kotaku, Capcom will be re-re-re-releasing their classic, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut.

RE:DC will come along with the PlayStation Store’s normal weekly update on Thursday, May 28. For 10 bucks ol’ school Resident Evil fans, or kids wanting to see what kinds of crazy games their parents played will finally be able to relive the experience.

More here: Kotaku

Ghostwire uses DSi Camera to Make You a Ghost Hunter

Kotaku has posted a bit on this really neat looking DSi title in development by a Sweden-based company. The game uses the camera to “find” ghosts throughout your home, you then have to use your microphone and talk to the ghosts in order to help them find their peace.

See more here: Kotaku

Cursed Mountain Trailer

Vodpod videos no longer available.