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The Conduit Now Available

This is a pretty short, to the point press release, so I will leave it in without a jump.

SEGA and High Voltage Software are happy to announce that The Conduit has shipped in North America and is now available.   A unique first-person shooter, The Conduit is an original IP featuring an intense conspiracy-laden single-player campaign that brings an unparalleled shooter experience exclusively to the Nintendo Wii™.  Get out there and arm yourself with an arsenal of sci-fi gadgets and high-powered weapons as you fight against aliens, rogue agents and other enemy forces. Additionally, be ready to dominate your friends from around the globe in up-to-12-person online multiplayer battles!

Now is the time for you to join the fight and save Washington DC!

IGN Reviews the Conduit

So everyone (well, a lot of people) has been waiting for this game for some time now.  The review score from IGN is in, and it seems like they like it.

I got to play a bit of the multiplayer back at E3, and it was pretty fun.   Unfortunately, I can’t afford this game right now, but I hope it does well at retail.

Check out the review here: IGN