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Countersuit Reveals Duke Nukem Begins

Back to the big mess that is the development of Duke Nukem Forever.

In the countersuit we heard about yesterday, a new Duke game was alledged to be in the works.

See the following statement from a court document by Apogee (3D Realms) obtained by GamePolitics, “On October 22, 2007, Apogee, Take-Two, and 2K Games entered into an agreement in which Apogee granted 2K Games the exclusive right to develop and publish a new videogame based upon Apogee’s Duke Nukem franchise… The new game was given the working title of Duke Begins and is not the same game as the Duke Nukem Forever game.”

Apogee’s claim is that game was scheduled to be completed and launched by mid-2010, but that Take-Two and 2K games stopped the development in April 2009 without its approval or consent.

In another section of the court document, it says, “When Apogee confronted Take-Two and 2K Games about the… cancellation of the Duke Begins development work… Take-Two and 2K Games simply denied it… Take-Two and 2K Games are taking such actions with a goal of pressuring Apogee to sell the Duke Nukem franchise rights to Take-Two for less than their true value.”

We have no idea how true this is, but if it is, shame on Take-Two for actually thinking 3D Realms was capable of finishing an additional game.

Story from Edge.

3D Realms Countersues Take-Two Over Duke Game

Ok.  This thing has just become a horrible, horrible mess.  I personally don’t put much thought into this game, but I know that someone out there reading may be interested in the events unfolding regarding Duke Nukem Forever’s non-development.

I know that there is a lawsuit going on, and that now Apogee Software (3D Realms) is countersuing T2.

Hit the link for a detailed story on that: Gamasutra.