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One Bored Gamer Remebers The Aughts: Part 2

Sega Leaves The Hardware Business

While one industry giant stepped into the video game console business, months before another that began the age of “console wars” and spawned the phrase “blast processing” dropped out completely. On January 31st, 2001, Sega officially announced that it would cease being a video game hardware company and transition into a software one. Months later Sega would port it’s first game Chu Chu Rocket to Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance.

Chu Chu Rocket

Despite all attempts with the Sega Dreamcast to stay alive, the company that brought us classic franchises like Daytona USA, Shenmue, Virtual Fighter, and Sonic the Hedgehog could no longer endure the staggering financial trouble the company had brought on to itself. And boy had they dug a deep festering hole for themselves with horrible business decisions that only a drunk at the wheel could make.

It may have not been the day the video game died, but a lot of tears where shed around the industry. Sure the company would still be around, but to gamers it was like getting the news that your favorite dog got run over and now had to use a tiny wheelchair to get around. It just would never be the same.

During it’s successful rise in the 16-bit era and onwards, Sega gave us such great arcade and console titles; some memorable ones that unfortunately would be butchered as the company tried to find it’s way in third-party developer land – but never the less, we all still have a soft spot for Sega. You can’t deny getting at least a bit gleeful when hearing a choir of synth voices cry out at once… “SEGA!”

Hopefully this decade will find better fortunes for the video game company. As many NEO GAF’ers would say “believe,” or some nonsense like that.

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New Sega Fitness Game Coming to the Wii? Confirmed

More gaming news emerging from the deep dark corners of the internet. NeoGAF.

Someone ran into some assets for a fitness game that seems to be coming for the Wii.

You can see the screens here on NeoGAF: Daisy Fuentes fitness game

Update: Confirmed