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More for the Rumor Bin: Nikkei Reports that Sony is Considering a Gaming Phone

In a report from Nikkei business daily, it is said that Sony will be putting together a team tasked with creating a new gaming phone that will go head-to-head with the iPhone.

The PSP phone, if built as rumored, will combine the PSP’s functions with those of Sony Ericsson phones and that development team could be together by as early as July.

Sony, of course, has declined to comment, and according to Edge, the ‘PSphone’ has been rumored on several occasions.

However, Edge did point out that last month that Sony Ericsson president Hideki Komiyama said that he would be interested in tapping Sony’s strength in the gaming market, and has gone on the record saying a PlayStation phone, “could happen,” adding that, “If we do not adapt to this new technology or new market environment, we’re going to lose.”

Story at Edge.

RUMOR: Xbox 360 and PS3 Price Cuts May be Coming this Fall

Ars Technica’s Mole is hinting at some console price cuts. For both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

The Mole has been right, no idea how many times he/she has been wrong though. It the source is correct, the drop will happen, for both consoles, by this fall.

If the Mole is right, Sony is bundling the PS3 80GB models with games and trying to phase it out, to make room for something else. A PS3 slim? Maybe.

It is also said that the Xbox 360 will be changing a bit. The Pro version will replaced by the Elite, which will become the standard model, and a new bundle will come to replace the Elite. That is, if any of this is to be believed.

Ars Technica via Kotaku

Rumor: PS3 Firmware 3.0 May be a ‘Completely New System’

This rumor comes from VG247 via Joystiq:

The story is that PlayStation 3 firmware update 3.0 will bring, “a completely new system” to Sony’s console by Christmas.

If the rumor is to be believed, the new update will bring the following:

-A reputation system

-a grief reporting System

-Support for background patch downloading

-Simultaneous HDMI and digital optical outputting

According to VG247, they have been told more, but will have to “wait” before they share that information.

Story here: VG247 via Joystiq

RUMOR: Killzone 3 in Development

I usually don’t give rumors much merit.  Especially when they are from a site I have never heard of, but you never know.  That is why I always make sure to mark these things as clearly as possible as rumor.

Anyway, the word is that a Killzone 3 game is in development.

If true, I am sure that the info will emerge from some credible sources in due time.  If not, we will probably hear that as well.

PS3 Hype Via N4G

One for the Rumor Mill: Is Michael Jackson Involved in a New Game?

Well,  I don’t know what he could be up to if he actually does happen to actually be working on a game of some sort.   Jacko is no stranger to the videogame realm.  We all remember his ventures to Genesisdom and the arcade realm, or Space Channel 5 and Ready 2 Rumble. via GoNintendo