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Our Favorite E3 Moments – Rock Revolution Demo

Rumors are in the air and geeks on message boards are posting their predictions like children writing letters to Jolly Saint Nick,  as the Electronic Entertainment Expo is a brisk two weeks away. Now we, here at One Bored Gamer, couldn’t care less about such Nostradamus-ish  activities and fanboy wankery, because the true entertainment is the event itself.

So, without further adieu, our humble blog presents Our Favorite E3 Moments! During the course of these few weeks before the start of E3, every now and then, we’ll be rummaging over some choice moments from past events. Things from the bizarre, to the down-right hilarious, and everything in-between. Let’s get started shall we!

Our first foray is from two years ago, at E3 2008 in Los Angeles, California. At the height of the music-gaming genre, Konami finally entered into the ring alongside Activision and Harmonix, but in their attempt to, would instead give us one of the most embarrassing on-stage displays of musical ineptitude.

Watch as this on-stage demo for Rock Revolution goes from funny to just sheer disappointment, while at the same time almost destroying a classic Punk Rock song in the process. If I were The Ramones, I would have probably sued for damages of some sort, but then the game failed pretty badly, so… justice I guess? I dunno.

Amazon Prices DJ Hero Bundle

It is important to remember that these prices may not stand.  These are just prices retailers are throwing on them for now, and may or may not be the official retail price decided on by publisher Activision. lists DJ Hero for $119.99, with the turntable peripheral bundled in.  The game is slated for release in October.

European retailers have also put prices on the upcoming Band Heroes.  Check out for more on that.


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GameStop Lists Tony Hawk Ride at $120

Activision has not announced an official price for Tony Hawk Ride, but reports that videogame retailer GameStop has listed the game with a retail price of $119.99 with the wireless skateboard controller.

According to the GameStop website, the game is set for an October 13 release on the three major consoles, however, there is no official date from the publisher aside from a fall 2009 time frame. also reports that no other online retailer lists a price for the game.


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Check out Tony Hawk’s New Peripheral

Here it is:

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