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What Did I Find On The Internet? Populous Box Art!

There was a time when picking up a video game box was a cryptic attempt to figure out if it was a game worthy of playing. The ease of online reviews, game play videos, and message board threads a plenty has certainly lessen the burden on us gamers.
But imagine being a kid before all of that, shuffling through the shelf of video games at your local rental store, trying to determine which game to spend your homework free weekend with.
Now as you gaze through the lengthy selection, arranging in you mind which games stood out and which didn’t, you suddenly come across this unique little number.

Very… explosive, huh? I guess you’ve got to really grab the potential customer’s attention, and it certainly does that.

But seriously, what is this game about? Is it a game where you smash skulls with the head of what I think is Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings trilogy? And why is that castle exploding from underneath? Did someone not pay to get plumbing fixed, or didn’t notice in the buyer’s guide that their land was over highly active lava pit?

Neither the name or the side blurb really help too. “The Ultimate Triumph of Good Over Evil!” …So wait? Good already won? Then what is the point in playing this game? That’s like playing Super Mario Bros. and the Princess is already saved.

My stupid ignorance aside, Populous, which premiered on the PC, is well regarded by video game historians by being the first God game originally conceived by Fable creator Peter Molyneux.

What is a God game? Well a “God game” or a “construction and management simulation,” is a gaming genre where the player is put into the position of overseeing and maintaining anything – be it a zoo, a country, or even creatures. Games like Will Wright’s The Sims and Sid Meier’s Civilization are all prime examples of God games.

This version of Populous, with the certainly interesting box art, was a Super Nintendo port developed by Infinity and published by Acclaim back in 1991 . At that time Nintendo Power gave the game a 3.7 out of 5 so it must of been an alright choice then.

I personally remember coming across this tittle a number of times at the video rental store when I was a wee lad, but I never had the will to rent it. And I’m pretty cool with that decision, seeing as I’m not a fan of god games to begin with.

Yup. I can feel my gamer cred go down even more by the second – not that I had that much to begin with. Hey-o!

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Square Enix Announces Pre-Sale Date for Next Add-On Scenario for FFXI

I have yet to play Final Fantasy Online.  The problem is, I have an older model Mac, so I don’t get to play a lot of PC games.  Anyway, the game does have a lot of fans out there, so they will probably be delighted to hear this news.

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Nickelodeon’s Addicting games Showdown Announced Top Online Games as Voted by the Public

Sadly, Monkey Go Happy was not one of the winners.  :(

Hit the jump to see the winners.

Also, don’t forget to check out Monkey Go Happy: HERE!! :)

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GamersGate and Indie Game Publisher Rockin’ Android Team Up To Digitally Distribute Indie Titles

GamersGate, has announced a distribution deal with indie publisher Rockin’ Android.

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ARMA II in North America

ARMA II is a military sim for the PC.  Up until now, it hasn’t been available in the States.  I don’t know a whole lot about it, but you can hit up the press release after the jump.

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