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Super Mario Crossover Is A Retro Gamer’s Dream

As the name implies, Super Mario Crossover is a flash-based remix of the classic Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, that features not only Mario, but a few of his iconic 8-bit friends.

It’s practically the videogame equivalent of that Cartoon AllStars to the Rescue special from the early 90’s, without the heavy-handed anti-drugs message. Which, no disrespect to the overall message (Say no to drugs kids!), wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for all my favorite cartoons to be doing in my childhood-inspired dreams.

None the less, Super Mario Crossover is a successful blending of those favorite 8-bit games, albeit it in a straightforward package. Basically if you’ve played Super Mario Bros., well then there is really nothing to explain gameplay or structure wise. It’s all the same here, but the main difference is the character selection department. Besides good old Mario to control, you can select other classic protagonists from other retro games of that era.

You can also choose from Simon Belmont from Castlevaina, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Samus from Metroid, Mega Man, and Bill from Contra. All of them include their standard set of abilities worked perfectly into the game.

For example, in his standard form, Simon Belmont is equipped with his whip and axe special (which is mapped with an alternative button.) Receiving a power up though, mushroom or flower in this case, changes this up by now giving Simon his throwing cross that can pass through multiple goobas and return just like it’s usual Castlevania form.

The same formula works with each character as Mega Man gains his Mega Buster, or Bill gains his rapid-fire gun. It’s pretty fun just to mess around and experiment with each character’s unique ability and see how they work in Mario’s block-hitting and tube-jumping world.

A really fantastic touch which was incorporated in to the game’s presentation, was the individual theme songs that are played depending on which character is selected. I don’t think I could have imagined playing word 1-2 and having the tune to Metroid fit together so well, but take my word for it, it does.

I should also mention, that there have been other flash games that have done the crossover feature. But for some reason when you do a Mario one, the name seems to gain more attention, and deservedly so. It’s a well polished little game with lots of cool details packed in.

Recently the creator, Jay Pavlina, sat down with GameXplain to discuss Super Mario Bros. Crossover and some of the content that was left out- apparently quite a but. So I highly recommend taking a gander at that after you’re done fooling with the game on Newgrounds.

Super Mario Crossover – explodingRabbit [Newgrounds]

Super Mario Bros. Crossover Xplained: An Interview with the Creator [GameXplain]


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This one is a cash giveaway for a free-to-play MMORPG.  Referring friends and doing other such stuff gets players cash prizes.

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InFAMOUS Mini-Game

The inFAMOUS Official Mini-Game Launches Exclusively to SPIL Games’ Portals Experience Fierce Action in Official Mini-Game of Upcoming PLAYSTATION®3- May 22, 2009 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and SPIL GAMES, the world’s ultimate online game destination, today announced that the official mini-game for the upcoming title, inFAMOUS, will debut exclusively on SPIL GAMES online casual game portals from May 22-29. Playable directly in the browser window on both PC and Mac computers, the mini-game will showcase the action-adventure gameplay style featured in the hotly anticipated inFAMOUS PLAYSTATION®3 game expected to launch in Europe in late May 2009. In the inFAMOUS mini-game developed by Kerb, players get to extend their inFAMOUS experience through playing this free platform based 2D version of the PS3 title. The plot of the mini-game is based around the game’s main character, Cole, navigating his way to a power generator located on the roof of an abandoned precinct house in Empire City. Players have to battle their way through gangs of iconic villains whilst solving puzzles using Cole’s agility and electrical super powers. In addition to achieving the games ultimate goal, player’s actions are constantly being monitored, providing real-time updates of how in-game decisions affect their morality. The style in which players complete the game dictates the final scenes of the game, as well as letting players compare their own morality against players from around the EU.

Gamasutra Interview with Touch My Pixel, Developer of ‘Scarygirl’

Gamasutra has posted an interview with the developer of the über-awesome Flash-made platformer, Scarygirl.

Here is an excerpt:

Scarygirl is considerably more diverse and accomplished than most other Flash games. Did you push the engine harder than normal to achieve the results?

There was a lot of learning how far we could push the engine while we were creating this game, but there’s also a modest system requirement to play the game. I think when we make a new game we can get Flash to do even more for us, especially with the new release.

With something like Scarygirl, the actual mechanics could be said to take a backseat to the visuals. Do you have to make concessions for the art, or was it a mutually beneficial relationship? We made concessions to the art in as much as we had to make the game work with his art style.

There were a few complaints from players that they had trouble knowing what they could and could not land/walk on, which we knew would be a problem from the start, but we didn’t want to force Nathan to change his artwork, for example adding thick black lines on walkable areas which could be one solution. But mostly it was working out ways to get Flash to display his artwork at decent framerates.

The game works in Flash, inside the web browser. How versatile did you find Flash to be as a program? Were there any noticeable limitations?

Limitations. Yeah, there were a few. It’s really annoying that you can’t get it to go into fullscreen mode and still use the keyboard (some kind of security reason, I think). Other than that I really think it’s a case of Flash being really good for what it is. As long as you know its limits you’ll be happy with what you can produce with it. You can push it if you know what you’re doing but you wouldn’t want to make a 3D extravaganza in Flash, pick the right tool for the job.

Check out the full interview at Gamasutra.

And check out Scarygirl here: Scarygirl

KingsIsle Entertainment to Launch New World for Wizard 101

The free-to-play world of Wizard 101 is getting a new world.

Press Release:

Online entertainment company KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. today officially revealed plans for Grizzleheim, a new 3D world to be added to the popular virtual world Wizard101 (

The often silly characters and worlds of Wizard101 are influenced by literature; history and pop culture that give the game a depth and quality appreciated by adults, and make it enjoyable for families to play together. Safety features aimed at pre-teen players include a collaborative play style, a chat system with many options and a character name selector.

Inspired by Norse mythology, Grizzleheim is an airy, outdoor landscape of snowy mountains, glacial ridges and towering trees that is home to three new Wizard101 tribes – Bears, Wolves and Ravens. Players will first encounter the Viking Bears of Grizzleheim, great traders with the ability to travel the worlds of the Spiral, in the free-to-play areas of WizardCity. As student wizards adventure through subseq uent worlds, Grizzleheim will offer new quests, new locations to explore, new opponents and new Viking-themed decorative housing items interspersed throughout the mid and higher levels of the game.

Grizzleheim is expected to roll out beginning in June. As with other new content, the world will launch first on the Wizard101 test server, where subscribers will help beta test features before it goes live in the game. Wizard101 has an ESRB rating of E10+. Pre-paid gift cards are available at major U.S. retailers.

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