Take A Game Break: Take A Walk.

It’s Wednesday, the half-way point of our dreaded work week until the beautiful relief of our weekend arrives. Add to that, the state of our modern times; what with student loans to pay off, the hardship of job environment, plus countless other day-to-day urgencies that conger immediate hair-pulling, and well, you could certainly take a break to play quick game.

Today’s game is a breeze, has a relaxing mix of enjoyable music, and is a definitely a major stress relief. It’s called Take a Walk. by game developers Bloblob.

After a taxing day at work, our pencil drawn protagonist decides to do just as the title of game says. And so, you, the player, guide him through a linear stage of small obstacles, jumping over boxes and what-not, while collecting musical notes and cute little bird friends.

This helps the music progress and build until the full sound is complete. Just don’t miss a step and bump into that comes your way, that makes music stop and you lose your bird friends.

Don’t worry about lives or health, or having to make a perfect run either, Take a Walk. doesn’t punish you in that respect at all. Well… that is unless you want to get all of the hidden achievements, but besides that, its main focus is just about the overall experience – a chill and musical immersed one. Enjoy!

Take a Walk. by Bloblob

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