What An Nintendo Employee’s Workstation Might Look Like

Nintendo and a top secret government agency. What do they have in common? One enforces well elaborate measures to ensure absolutely nothing leaks to the press or public, and the other is a top secret government agency.

Joking aside, it can be pretty evident when working within the video game industry how tightly lipped and secreted the Big N can be. At one point, Nintendo put a stop to all media interviews with Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto; fearing that any information about future projects would be learned.

So when any tiny morsel of insight of what goes on in Nintendo’s walls is shown it’s a pretty joyful event. Kind of like getting a sneak peek at how chocolate is made at a chocolate factory.

Now thanks to some inquisitive folks down at everyone’s go-to gaming forming, NeoGAF, we get to see some awesome pictures of what an Nintendo employee’s workstation might look like. Check some of them out.

Is that a different version for the box art of Super Mario Bros. Wii I see my little eye?

Tingle?! Ahh! Get it away! Get it away!

Where do they get all those wonderful toys?

Wii Sports Resort anyone?

There is a lot more where that came from – all really incredible, but I don’t want to take up the whole web page (or this site’s bandwidth,) so you’ll just have to take the jump in the link below.

A NeoGAF forum member, by the name of mehdi_san, clues us in to the origin of the images above; posting that they might be from an Nintendo recruitment book made to attract university students.

It is a standard Japanese practice done by every company in country to entice would-be graduates to apply for a job at their company. In fact if you continue your search through that forum thread you will find other pictures from said mentioned book.

Nintendo fans (or 2ch reader), do you know where are these stuff come from ?? [NeoGaf]

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