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OBG Vlog Episode 8 1/2 – Spindash Whistles to Bring you Holiday Cheer

Bernie stars in today’s OBG Vlog.

Merry Christmas With A Yule Log

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

And now… the annual lighting of the yule log!

Enjoy your day!

Thanks to Youtube user LiveGreat for the video.

Taking A Christmas Vaction

Me and Jacob are taking a little Christmas break from the blog starting tomorrow and right into the New Year. Although you might see two special gifts from us, just in time to fill your Holiday Stockings: a special episode of the One Bored Gamer Vlog and the annual lighting of the yule log!Please stay tuned for that. (That’s if all goes to plan and we don’t accidentally go too heavy with the eggnog…) During that time we’ll both be spending time goofing off, eating chicken tamales, and playing with our spanking fresh Christmas gifts.

So from all of us here at One Bored Gamer,

Happy Holidays and have a Shiny New Year!

*Not an actual representation of the One Bored Gamer Staff, but rather a jolly picture from a blog entry from 1Up’s Retro Gaming Blog: Merry Christmas from Sunsoft by Frank Cifaldi (please click if you want to believe in Santa!)

A Tribute to the Lovable Morris of Cloak and Dagger

Morris Shortly before his untimely death as depicted in the 1984 film, Cloak & Dagger

It’s been 25 long years and we still miss Morris, the lovable geek game store owner whose life was ended prematurely by some murderous thugs searching for a top-secret document hidden within an Atari game.

To me, he was more than an icon in geekdom, he was a fellow Texan. Setting up his shop at what is now known as Crossroads Mall in Balcones Heights (Located somewhere within San Antonio). Not far from where I once lived, actually.

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Dark Void Zero Trailer

It’s 8-Bit: