Rumors of a PSP 2 Reemerge

This is possible, but even if so, probably wouldn’t happen anytime soon.  I am sure that these companies are always working on new hardware.  Anything being worked on right now may not ever even make it into a final design for Sony’s next handheld.  Given that it is only a rumor, there is really nothing to worry about, because it can mean one of two things.

1) The rumor is false, you can hang on to your 3000s or plan on getting the Go.

2) It’s true, but we won’t see it for several years, so it doesn’t matter much anyway at this point.

The tech is probably constantly being worked on either way.

More info here.

4 responses to “Rumors of a PSP 2 Reemerge

  1. I like poopie! I eat poopie! (edited for language)

  2. how can we take you seriously if you censor our s***??!?!

  3. bible thumper

    Sometimes censoring the naughties of the world is good. The group I roll with does it all the time! Christians represent!

  4. It’s not that. I was just bored.

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