Creepy Dolls in Rag Doll Kung Fu Do MJ Tribute

Ok.  I am going to have nightmares about these dolls dancing. :(

Found it on Gamekicker

14 responses to “Creepy Dolls in Rag Doll Kung Fu Do MJ Tribute

  1. Uhh not exactly a warming tribute… but it’s the gift that counts!

  2. terribly ugly video. hurry up and post more news so that this piece of trash will be forever banished from the front page!

  3. on another note, are you purposely posting stuff nobody cares about for some reason?

    • Not exactly. I will be totally honest with you though. I tried posting news for a long time, but nobody cares much about that either. The reason is, they can go to bigger, better blogs like Kotaku and Joystiq to get their daily game news. In other words, I can’t compete with them. I figured it would be best to just have fun with this blog, and hope that people will stop by and leave comments or just discuss stuff.

      Either way, thanks for dropping by, whether you enjoy the site or not. :)

  4. i agree. this is a pretty ugly video. if you’re serious about having a news web site, you should post things that are at least appealing to look at!

  5. man. i wish there was a print version of this article and video. that way i can wipe my ass with it…

  6. this is still here? people are going to get to this article and decide never to come to this site again after seeing such an ugly video being presented here. it’s really that ugly! remove this pos before you lose any more potential viewers!!!

  7. I’d rather watch that shitty Alien Ant Farm video than watch this ugly mess.

  8. Seriously, I feel like barfing right now!

  9. yeah. my sentiments exactly. this is seriously a disgustingly bad “tribute”. did you honestly think people would be interested in this crap?

  10. Yeah. I seriously want to bitch-slap whoever made the vid. I need to keep him from doing this again!

  11. i still hate this

    just one more news post and this is out of the front page forever! hurry up jay!

  12. If you want to contribute to something other than posting here, come to

    Games Abyss – Gaming Lifestyle and Culture, By You, For You!

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