Creating a Game is Like Pooping


According to Suda51, it is.

In a recent interview with Edge, the No More Heroes creator compared making the game to, yeah, pooping.

“It’s like taking a sh*t,” says Goichi Suda, Grasshopper Manafacture CEO, as he relaxes on his (office) seat. We blink first. “A lot of things influenced No More Heroes – things I saw, or heard, and something that came from inside. Something that needed to be eliminated from my body, like waste. That’s why I created No More Heroes.
Edge goes on to write about how his colleagues are smirking and his translator becomes hesitant. “…No More Heroes 2? New taking-a-sh*t.”

Well, designing a game must be a very relaxing process for him.

From GoNintendo.

3 responses to “Creating a Game is Like Pooping

  1. another bored person

    i’m bored too…

  2. suda’s cool and all, but do i really need to see a picture of him taking a shit?

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