Contact. One of Those Cool Games You May Have Overlooked.

Welcome to my first entry in something I will try to keep up with on an unspecified, undecided basis.  This is going to be a small blurb on games that I think got overlooked, or were underrated, and just a bit of information on them.  For fun, and in hopes that maybe you decide to check these out sometime.


Title: Contact

Platform: Nintendo DS

Publisher: Atlus (North America)

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture

Release Date: Oct. 17, 2006 (North America)

Genre: RPG

Contact was a strange RPG for the Nintendo DS developed by Suda51’s Grasshopper Manufacture.  Suda himself played producer for this title.  In the game, a professor dude in a spaceship and his dog-looking thing, Mochi, make contact with the player through the DS.  After evading some space enemies, the professor and his pup end up crashing on an unknown planet.

That is where they make Contact (see, there’s that word again) with a kid named Terry.  Terry is completely unaware of the player’s existence, and the professor asks you to try to keep it that way.

From there, the game is about controlling Terry, and gathering some power cells from the professor’s ship that scattered in the crash.  That is where the exploration element of the game.  Of course there are many stats that Terry can build up as you play your way through Contact, and some are better than others.  There is even a stat that builds up in the game that makes Terry a bully if he picks too many fights, so some choices must be carefully made.

One of the neat ideas implemented into the game is how the developers created two different worlds between Terry’s planet and the professor’s spaceship with the interesting juxtaposition of 16-bit graphics against Terry’s rendered, 3D world.

Contact may not be the most amazing game to hit a DS, but it is one of those little games that was underrated and got lost in the shuffle of the hundreds of DS titles out there.


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