Take-Two Targeting 5 Million Unit Sales for BioShock 2

Take-Two is not releasing a retail version of  their “1,000-pound gorilla,” Grand Theft Auto this year, and chairman Straus Zelnick knows that.  However, he has set a sales target of five million for the upcoming BioShock 2.

BioShock 2 is coming later this year for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and Zelnick feels that it can help drive profitability in the absence of a GTA title.

In an interview with VentureBeat, the T2 chairman said,“We have enough hits. We have an unmatched hit ratio…BioShock is a great example. It won 50 game of the year awards in 2007. We announced it sold around three million units. I’d like to see a title like that sell five million units. That would make the difference for us. If you have four or five titles that are significantly successful, that will meaningfully change our profitability.”

He added that they are investing heavily in the sequel and making it, “bigger and better.”

“We want to make it different enough that people will want to own it.  BioShock got a lot of attention…but it wasn’t a huge seller.  I’m hopeful that BioShock 2 will benefit from brand awareness, where people will play it even if they didn’t play the orginal.”

More info here: Edge-Online


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