Could New Metal Gear Character Reveal be Grey Fox?


While all over the internet we are hearing rumors of the character in the pages of Famitsu possibly being Sunny, one thing doesn’t quite make sense.  Why the heck is Big Boss in there too?  Clone? Time travel?  Maybe it is just Raiden?


Warning.  If you don’t like speculation, or the possibility of spoilers through speculation and crazy guesses, don’t hit the jump.


However, if you do like reading and looking into this stuff as much as I do, by all means, go ahead. :)


In Hideo Kojima’s world, anything is possible, so let me throw my own theory out there.

Is it not possible that the person in those Famitsu scans is Grey Fox a.k.a. Frank Jaeger?

Given Big Boss’ age in the picture, I think it is possible.  He did have a strong connection with Grey Fox.  Why couldn’t it happen?


Found this on wikipedia

Notice the similarities without the mask?

Also, here is a picture of Grey Fox from Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake:  grey fox

Could Kojima be hinting at a Metal Gear prequel?  One in which we play as Grey Fox, much like MGS 2 put us in control of Raiden. MGS3 had us play as Naked Snake (Big Boss) in his young years, so Kojima is no stranger to letting us control someone other than Solid Snake, who has already seen his last adventure in the series–according to Kojima.

Looks like Kojima is already caving into that pressure.


Like I said, anything is possible with Kojima at the wheel, right?


Edit:  I was lookin’ around the Penny Arcade forums and I found this image of Grey Fox: deskfox

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