Hardware Sales in Japan Decline

Edge reports that while Nintendo’s platforms keep their top positions on the Japanese sales charts for the week ended May 17, the videogame hardware market as a whole saw a decline.

The DSi topped PSP sales by  5,500 units for the week, as compared to its 12,000 the week before.

While the Wii’s lead over the PlayStation 3 also dropped a bit, from 6,000 to 3,500.  Other systems such as the DS Lite, PS2 and Xbox 360 maintained their positions.

According to Media Create, the group who tracks these numbers in Japan, total hardware were down more than a third.

Here are the week’s numbers for Japan:

DSi – 34,152
PSP – 28,683
Wii – 15,116
PS3 – 11,605
DS Lite – 4,888
PS2 – 4,020
Xbox 360 – 3,233

Full story here: Edge.

One response to “Hardware Sales in Japan Decline

  1. I’ve never had any doubt that DSi will reign over other game consoles, but here in the Philippines. PSP is much popular than DSi because of the graphics not the gameplay.

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